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    They should have an Invasion Mode where It would be the Spartans going anisgat the Flood, or the Covenant, or the Prometheans in Space and you would be fighting them from a UNSC starship while they fight you from their Flood Infested Ship or Covenant Ship or Promethean Ship and you’d have to fly out of each others ships to get to the other ship and destroy a lot of the Weapons from outside for one of the modes and when you get inside you would attack them and take over that area of the ship for the next mode and then in the mode after that you go to the Control Room and take over that place for the next mode and then for the third mode you would head for the Engine Room and destroy the engines there for the fourth mode and after that you’d have to escape while at the same time the enemy is doing the same thing for the UNSC starship. You would need a certain number of players to take place in this type of Invasion as well.


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